Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
Anthology of Sound

The Anthology of Sound inhabits multiple states at the same time - as the sounds described in text are in constant fluctuation between alphabet, word, language and meaning - & between the state of a book, a score, written text and imaginary music. 463 pages all in all.

A fluctuation very similar to that of the superpostion found in quantum mechanics.

Just as warm plasma within a supercollider would burn and collapse if it ever were to leave the magnetic field and touch the walls of the collider - so would the Anthology of Sound. Anthology of Sound is hovering within a magnetic field between the different artistic discourses and if the work were to be approached from one position only, it would close in on itself.

Anthology of Sound consists of 4 parts:

Sound in space
Sounds in time

Topos 05: Anthology of Sound is released by Topos in a limitited edtion of 100 canvas bindings. Release date: Feb 7th, 2020


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