The Topos & Julie Martin visit to
Swedish island Knavelskär

In September 2019, members of Topos (Jacob Kirkegaard and Tobias R. Kirstein) and Swedish researcher Anna Lundh, joined by Julie Martin of E.A.T. and Tudor scholar You Nakai, visited Knavelskar, an island in the Swedish archipelago intrigued by the ideas David Tudor had for a collaborative concert on the island that would reveal the elements of the island through compositions of sounds recorded on the island and visual elements; fog sculptures by Fujiko Nakaya and long tailed kites by Jackie Matisse. The concert was never realized.

Topos, having studied Tudor’s detailed plans and visions for the project, explored the island, making recordings of both natural sounds and their impromptu sound interventions using earlier recording of Tudor’s voice, with the idea of developing a performance piece of their own that would more reference than realize Tudor’s original ideas.

A new sound work which is currently being produced by Topos aims to realize Tudor’s visions for the project in the 21st century.